Thursday, June 23, 2016

Darcy Hotchkiss On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Darcy Hotchkiss is a certified PureBioenergy Therapist and world class transformational energy healer. She came to the energy-based therapy while seeking relief from a number of emotional and physical conditions that were unable to be resolved by western medicine practices. After experiencing rapid results from her initial treatment by the Master Zoran Hochstatter, Darcy began the journey of learning the method of PureBioenergy Therapy, completing the rigorous certification process. Her inspiration, passion and joy for helping others inform and transform their body wellness is appreciated by her clients as they are guided through the process to reach the blueprint of peak health. She works one on one with clients and in person and offers distance treatments with clients all over the world. She explains the science of her work in my interview with her at

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