Monday, July 20, 2015

Tolec On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Tolec is the ET contactee of the benevolent ET council known as the Andromeda Council. His knowledge and wisdom that he has attained from his contacts makes him a great source for learning things that you would never learn from "mainstream" sources on this prison planet we call Earth. See what I mean in my interview with Tolec at

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Joanne Rossi On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Joanne Rossi is a spiritual lightworker and light warrior who is destined to help people stop drug addiction, domestic violence, child abuse, and trauma through spiritual and metaphysical means. Learn about her life and methods in my interview with her at

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Mark Kimmel On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Mark Kimmel has studied, received, and recorded information from celestials and from our star brothers and sisters. Most recently he has established the Institute of Light, a center to assist individuals to become part of an uplifted future for humanity by achieving higher personal vibration. Mark has moved beyond the sensational and fear riddled perspectives that plague many who get trapped in the UFO and ET phenomena, and the secrecy and misinformation surrounding it. At the same time he has avoided the constraints of traditional religions in his investigations of the larger reality. By focusing on higher Dimension teachings from celestials and our star brothers and sisters in his channeling, writing, and speaking, Mark presents an enlightened vision for the future of all in Oneness. My interview with him at covers his work in these areas.