Friday, December 25, 2015

Alex Ansary On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Alex Ansary launched a television series called 'Outside the Box' in 2004 where he discussed controversial local and international topics. His work takes on a multi-faceted view on our polarized society with topics ranging from cover ups, global surveillance, military drills, cashless societies, solar flares effects on human consciousness, the holographic universe, and unknown spiritual dimensions. Following a desire to experience a simple life with more anonymity ‘off the grid’, he found himself drawn to the rugged mountainous ranges of San Luis Valley in Colorado which further kindled his passion for a freedom based lifestyle in an off-grid environment. His knowledge is revealed in my interview with him at

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dr. Wil Spencer On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Dr. Wil Spencer is the head of the site which seeks to suggest and encourage a way for humanity to enjoy natural vibrant health in spite of living in an unnatural world, using nature to restore nature. He has assimilated the many facets of understanding why we are healthy, or not, and what are the real keys to sustainable Vibrant Health which is the remedy for all disease. The human body is constantly striving for Vibrant Health which is sustained by an electrical matrix/system of light, information and energy that interacts and communicates with the world in which we live. In these times on this planet our sustainability is compromised and nature cannot supply us with all that we need. Learn how to get healthy in my interview with Dr. Spencer at

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ted Mahr On "Nature Of Reality Radio" Part 2

Ted Mahr is the radio host for the Out of this World radio program, and the purpose of the program is to raise consciousness and to bring love and light to his global listening audience.Ted has enjoyed a long interest in psychic and metaphysical phenomena, and he reads Tarot as well. Schooled by his foster mother Teri (a master psychic), he learned how to contact spirits from the “other side” and now regularly receives and sends messages to various angels and spirits in the 5th and higher dimensions. His wisdom and contactee connections are revealed in my 2nd interview with him at

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tara Goldenberg On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Tara Goldenberg is a certified massage therapist with over 15 years experience- with a focus on energy and chakra work- Reiki level 2 certified. She is also an artist, photographer, vintage collector- all incorporated into her jewelry making (which she sells on and artistry. Her skills and knowledge are discussed in my interview with her at

Friday, December 4, 2015

Jonathan Mozenter On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Jonathan Mozenter is a consultant, coach, and educator. His work focuses on helping organizations and individuals manage positive change. He helps clients to understand where they’re at, identify current challenges, then build and implement plans to help realize their life vision. He has complimented his formal training with knowledge in Integral Theory, philosophy, and consciousness, to help craft a profoundly effective approach to mastering change. He also collaborates with fellow advocates in interrelated fields to help transcend the world’s crisis state. He is devoted to sharing his knowledge and methods with all those committed to helping create stronger, wiser, and more abundant communities, as he discusses in my interview with him at