Thursday, May 19, 2016

Diane Canfield On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Diane Canfield is a gifted Psychic, ascension teacher and has had the rare privilege of many visitations of Star races. They visit her face to face and often give messages for her to pass along to the collective. She has ongoing visits with Star Beings and is open to speaking engagements to discuss this very important aspect of moving into 5D. Diane feels every wave and energetic download that comes in to evolve all beings on beautiful earth. She is on the leading edge of ascension and star being contact with vast awareness in all areas of psychic abilities, opening the third eye, star being contact and ascension, as she shows in my interview with her at

Friday, May 13, 2016

Rev. John Hill On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

If you are interested in growing, changing and working with difficulties in your life that are preventing you from living the fullest, richest life possible, then Rev. John Hill is the man for you! His specialties in addiction, anxiety, fears, PTSD, life coaching and relationships have developed from his education, his careers as a pastor, caseworker and therapist, as well as a wealth of real life experiences. He has worked and educated himself while raising a family and tending to the other matters of life as they have been encountered. And even though he is a Christian pastor, he still asserts that metaphysical science and realted spirituality has truth to it. My interview with him is at

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Michael Nardo On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Michael Nardo is the author if the book "The Beginning" which is a fictional story that has some basis in real life metaphysical, spiritual, and extraterrestriall fact. It's a science fiction thriller, explores the origin of man and the existence of alien life in the universe and its connection to earth and the origin of man. It tells the story of how a top-secret, quasi-government committee consisting of members from powerful corporations, intelligence agencies, scientists, and the President of the United States are involved in numerous cover-ups of close encounters throughout history. Nardo brings fiction to real life in my interview with him at