Monday, October 22, 2018

Shannon Kennedy On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Shannon Kennedy is a Certified Master/ Teacher practitioner of Medical Reiki, Seichim Master and Mindfulness Instructor. She honors each individuals own personal life journey. I met her at a recent conference and benefited greatly from a pyramid for meditation she set up, and I learned a lot from her in my interview with her at

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Lee Sha & Kris Wilson (Twin Flames Unite) On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Kris Wilson and Lea Sha will explain all about the rough and smooth for finding True Love. Twin Flames are separated only to come back together with a special mission. Does everyone have a Twin? How do you find yours and what happens when you do? The path to true love is fraught with pain and difficulty but maybe these Twins, who have found each other, can advise you! And they do on their channel called, "Twin Flames Unite" and on their website where they counsel other people on their Twin Path and also sell fabulous spiritual jewelry, which LeaSha makes and T-Shirts with spiritual logos! They have much to offer in my interview with them at

Monday, October 15, 2018

Matthew John On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Matthew John is a gifted healer and intuitive with the gift of facilitating powerful shifts in people through his words and presence. He can sense with clarity the emotional themes and 'disconnections' (often related to childhood and past-life trauma) which underlie physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. No memory is too traumatic to be addressed. Clients have often told him that his voice brings a feeling of "comfort" and "healing," and no doubt you will notice the same in my interview with him at

Friday, October 12, 2018

Sienna Lea On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Sienna Lea is a former psychologist, primal therapist, present author, transformational mid-wife and the Inceptor of Rise Multiversity. She has facilitated growth and healing for many people across the globe spanning decades. It started when she launched a growth center called Steppingstone in San Rafel California taking primal therapy and integrated it with other approaches of feminine care to bring healing. Life brought her the gift of a mentor after that that taught her a dynamic Individuation process synthesizing embodiment with deep self-analysis. She had the honor of mid-wifing many who stepped up using Aysha Love’s amazing methods that brought them potent re birth. She has been fortunate to have traveled the globe working, sharing and facilitating transformation for many decades. She teaches how to overcome shadows and attain love in my interview with her at

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Rosemary Healy On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Rosemary Healy led an event in the Warrington, PA area where quantum information was designed to become intermingled with spiritual reality. Rosemary's understanding of the nature of the universe opens up a whole can of worms regarding how entities and energies can intermingle to create specific intentions of the individual and the group. This was shown at the event, as well as with her great wisdom in my interview with her at