Monday, March 9, 2015

Patricia Cori On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Patricia Cori is, a renowned leader in the Spirit Movement who utilizes her visionary gifts to help raise the consciousness of the planet. A resident of Italy, she travels the world, enriching her understanding and experience, and exploring her own spiritual journey. In addition to her popular BBSRadio show, Beyond the Matrix, Cori teaches courses and conducts workshops internationally, and has written several books on subjects like Earth’s hidden history, spirituality, mysticism, metaphysical healing, and dolphins & whales. She has also picked up where Zecharia Sitchin left off in regards to the history of the Anunnaki and never before known information about their planet Nibiru, which she channeled from ET’s from the Sirius star system. For more than fifteen years, she has guided fellow spirit travelers through sacred sites around the world. We discuss her work in my interview with her at:

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