Friday, November 27, 2015

R. Scott Lemriel On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

R. Scott Lemriel is a experienced based hidden truth researcher who seeks to reveal what he has discovered regarding purposefully hidden truth on Earth and on grand inter-dimensional Galactic scale. After forty years of research into the UFO/ET field, and via numerous conscious out-of-body travel and bi-location explorations into parallel and higher dimensional realities, as well from journeys along the past and future time track, Scott has finally put forth THE SERES AGENDA book. He also authored information of new uplifting transforming energy or RAY IN THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY by OMNE ONEC. In addition, he previously wrote THE PARALLEL TIME TRILOGY feature film screenplays and books that disclose part of the long-forgotten ancient history of Earth and our solar system and how benevolent and malevolent extraterrestrials were secretly operating behind the scenes then just as they are today. His work is discussed in my interview with him at

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