Friday, October 12, 2018

Sienna Lea On "Nature Of Reality Radio"

Sienna Lea is a former psychologist, primal therapist, present author, transformational mid-wife and the Inceptor of Rise Multiversity. She has facilitated growth and healing for many people across the globe spanning decades. It started when she launched a growth center called Steppingstone in San Rafel California taking primal therapy and integrated it with other approaches of feminine care to bring healing. Life brought her the gift of a mentor after that that taught her a dynamic Individuation process synthesizing embodiment with deep self-analysis. She had the honor of mid-wifing many who stepped up using Aysha Love’s amazing methods that brought them potent re birth. She has been fortunate to have traveled the globe working, sharing and facilitating transformation for many decades. She teaches how to overcome shadows and attain love in my interview with her at

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